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Trapped in another cheap bush gag

filthy beast

‘Middle White Gilt’. Photograph of a Middle White gilt standing in a pig pen that won 1st highest in 1925. Roslin Glass Slides, No. 1569

Kick ass!

Arthur Holmes Geology Medals – Vetlesen Prize 1964

Cannae handle the hotness

Edinburgh University Sports Section, 1923-24 champions

I will burn you

Calotypes and Portraits vol. IV from the Hill and Adamson collections


Penicillin mould, 1952

Pimp this ride

Wattne, C. Salvesen Photo Album Gen.1925 B4 (2 of 2)

Two Steak Pehs

James Geikie, Photographs from the Grant Institute of Geology

Fuckin’ Stoater

Album Amicorum, 1645-54 © The University of Edinburgh Library