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Vulva Care

In homage to this truly appalling / hilarious tweet: https://twitter.com/EmmaGritt/status/1193854369608941569

Angels with dirty mouths

Angel of the Nativity Julia Margaret Cameron, photographer (British, born India, 1815 – 1879)

Some kind of cock…

Inspired by http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/06/airlines-tighten-leash-emotional-support-pets-hedgehogs-peacocks/

Pitching woo before Tinder

Dickensian characters by Joseph Clayton Clark

Seen a lot of seamen

The Fanny Fisher – Australian ship

No bum notes

Ploughing the briny deeps

Jo Johnson’s bus design

Leaving the Opera in the Year 2000

Compensating, much?

19th-Century Album of Ottoman Fashion

Image taken from page 9 of ‘The House that Jack built … With twelve cuts. [A satire in verse on the sale of gin and beer.]’